Sumiko Blue Point Special

To create the Special, Sumiko made 37 structural improvements to the Blue Point design – to damp resonances and improve ridigity – including replacing plastic parts with metal, and soldering critical connections to reduce ringing. Sumiko also removed the cartridge body to reduce colorations.

The Special looks naked but sounds fantastic. “As big a steal as the standard Blue Point … I think the $295 Blue Point Special is an even bigger one, ” reports Stereophile’s Corey Greenberg. “(It) comes within shouting distance of the very best.” If you’re not offendedby a little nudity, try a Blue Point Special. You won’t be disappointed.


Blue Point Special Features:
High output moving coil phono cartridge with 0,3mm by 0,7mm elliptical Van den Hul diamond stylus. Specifications:
Output: 3,0 mV
FR: 15 Hz – 35 kHz
CS: 32 dB CB: 0,5 dB
Input Load: 47 kOhm
Compliance: 15 cu Weight: 9,5 g
Recommended tracking range: 1,9-2,1 g Mounting tools, hardware, and stylus brush included.