RPG B.A.D. Panel

Bad Panel 001

B.A.D. panel เป็นอุปกรณ์ที่ให้ผลต่อเสียงที่ได้ยินชัดเจนมากครับ คุ้มค่าตัวของมัน มันเป็นทั้งตัว diffuse และ Absorb เสียง อยู่ในตัวเดียวกันครับ

RPG® developed a decorative and innovative variable impedance panel by fabric wrapping an optimal binary template consisting of reflective areas and holes over a semi rigid fiberglass panel. As with all its products, RPG offers complete, quality assured custom panel fabrication that provides a simple and reliable fixed or removable mounting.

Offers a cost effective, efficient and balanced acoustical signature for reverberation control while promoting a natural “ambient” acoustic environment.
Available in custom sizes up to 10′ x 4′.
(92) Unique colors with RPG SoundGem™ acoustical panel fabric, or choose from industry standard and custom fabrics.
Edge termination options include 1/2″ chamfer, 1/2″ radius, full bevel, square and custom profiles.
Lightweight, decorative and easy to install with RPG’s impaling clip.
All components are Class A Fire Rated.