Paradigm Servo 15


Paradigm Reference Servo-15 powered subwoofer
USD$ 1,500

Description: active, front-firing, sealed-enclosure, servo-controlled, closed-loop, audio/video subwoofer system with outboard X-30 crossover/control module. Drive-unit: 15″ Kevlar-fiber reinforced composite cone with 2.1″ voice-coil, 1″ maximum excursion. Frequency response: 17-80Hz, +/-2dB. Total harmonic distortion: +/-0.3% at 50Hz, 90dB SPL. Amplifier: 400W RMS continuous output. Input impedance: 20k ohms.
Controls: Subwoofer: level, 3-way power switch (Off/Signal Sense/Always On); IEC detachable line cord socket; single-ended input connector (RCA jack). Control module front panel: Phase (0-180 degrees), Low-Pass Frequency Cutoff sonic filter (35-150Hz active low-pass filter, 18dB/octave active filter), Bass Level continuous. Control module rear panel: RCA single-ended inputs, outputs for two subwoofers, three pairs of RCA jacks for high-pass outputs (40Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz active high-pass filter, 18dB/octave), AC power jack, “wall wart” power supply.
Dimensions: 20″ (508mm) H by 18″ (457mm) W by 21.75″ (552mm) D. X-30 control module: 7.25″ (184mm) W by 1.8″ (48mm) H by 5″ (125mm) D. Weights: subwoofer, 78 lbs (35.5kg); control module, 2.7 lbs (1.2kg).
Finishes: black ash laminate; light cherry or rosenut wood veneer, add $250.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 11139.
Price: $1500.

The Paradigm? Reference Servo-15 subwoofer is a highly advanced Closed Loop Servo Subwoofer System designed to provide the most accurate deep bass response available today. The Servo-15 moves far beyond the capabilities of any other subwoofer, regardless of size, claimed power or any particular design wizardry!

At the heart of this amazing sub-woofer is the revolutionary new ultra-precision Closed Loop Servo System. This self correcting system provides an entirely new level of accuracy for dramatically superior deep bass performance. The Servo-15 extends to an astonishing 14Hz and can reproduce ultra-low frequencies at 115dB in a typical listening room without any audible distortion. This sets all new standards in deep bass output for any home subwoofer! More important, however, is the absolute accuracy of deep bass. The Servo-15 must be heard to be believed – no other subwoofer can match its ability to retrieve fine bass detail and follow bass lines so precisely. Starts and stops are instantaneous. The Servo-15 not only plumbs the depths but does so with a simply shocking sense of realism!