NHT iW-1


NHT iW-1 in wall Speaker
USD$ 250

The iW1 is NHT’s most affordable high performance in-wall speaker – which means it’s better than most in-walls, period. Don’t let the word affordable or the low price fool you. The iW1 is useful in almost any distributed sound application in the home music, home theater, office or commercial installations. It is suitable for fir use in the wall (and ceilings) in bedrooms, hallways, entry ways, waiting rooms and secondary rooms where high quality music and speech are desired and budgets are tight.

The iW1 is a very high quality 2-way system, employing a 6.5″ polypropylene woofer and a coaxially mounted 1″ silk dome tweeter managed by a very high quality 2nd order crossover network. The driver units are moisture resistant, all the hardware is stainless steel and the frame is polypropylene and the mounting lip and baffle are gasketed which allows use in bathrooms, pool, patio and other high moisture areas.

The iW1 is a 3-piece, modular design featuring a separate bezel (frame), baffle (speaker plate) and grill. In fact, NHT has designed the IW1, 2 and 3 in-wall speakers so you can easily upgrade or replace each model without ever removing the frame from the wall. The iW1 has similar dispersion to a typical bookshelf design so therefore works best when placed in rooms where the listeners are centrally positioned or aimed into the center of the room. Because of its co-axial layout, the IW1 can be mounted in the wall either horizontally or vertically. A convenient cardboard template for the cutout is included to make installation location and retrofit cutting easier.

The iW1 has a fail-proof, 6-point spring-loaded, dog ear clamping system that grabs the ceiling material like a politician at a BBQ, even when the mounting surface is uneven, with integrity and simplicity. The springs maintains the bezel’s pressure and seal with the wall or ceiling surface and therefore eliminates the speaker from coming loose and paint lines from cracking over the life of the installation. This feature is important because typical sheetrock compresses when clamped – non-spring loaded, rigid clamping systems will become loose over time and begin to vibrate and the air seal can leak causing the speaker to lose bass and crack the paint line. The baffle is both gasketed on the edge and floats on 6 butyl rubber pads to help isolate it from the wall and frame resonances. The speaker terminals are easy to use spring loaded push to open types which will also maintain contact with the speaker wire over the life of the installation.

The iW1 is painted with a neutral white primer and may be painted to match with typical latex paints. When painting, the grill and speaker frame is painted separately. A convenient cardboard paint shield is included to protect the drive units in the speaker frame.

For new construction, NHT makes the IWB – a new construction framing bracket which allows you accurately place the iW1/2/3 speakers location during the framing stages of construction much like a recessed lighting fixture. The iWB provides a lip that the sheetrock or wall finishing crew flushes up to to provide perfecting mounting for the iW1, 2 or 3. Note: the iWB is NOT required for retrofit installations in existing ceilings and walls.

The iW1 and most other NHT iW speaker models are sold in stereo pairs only.

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