Mark Levinson no. 331


Mark Levinson no. 331
USD$ 4,450

Description: Solid-state stereo amplifier. Rated output power, 20Hz–20kHz, with no more than 0.5% THD (FTC): 100Wpc minimum continuous into 8 ohms (20dBW); 200Wpc minimum continuous into 4 ohms (20dBW); 400Wpc continuous into 2 ohms (20dBW). Peak output voltage at rated line voltage: 48V into 8 ohms. Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz ±1dB. S/N ratio (main output): <–80dB (ref. 1W). Input impedance: 100k ohms balanced, 50k ohms single-ended. Voltage gain: 26.8dB. Input sensitivity (for 2.8V output): 130mV. Input sensitivity (for full output): 1.3V. Output impedance: !x0.05 ohms, 20Hz–20kHz. Damping factor: >800, 20Hz–20kHz into 8 ohms. Power consumption: typically 260W at idle, 110W in standby.
Dimensions: 17.56″ (446mm) W by 18.85″ (479mm) D by 9.3″ (232mm) H; faceplate curve depth 1.22″ (31mm). Shipping weight: 112 lbs.
Price: $4550 (1996); no longer available (2009). Approximate number of dealers: 75.
Manufacturer: Madrigal Audio Laboratories, Middletown, CT 06457 (1996). Mark Levinson division of the Harman Consumer Group, 1718 W. Mishawaka Road, Elkhart, IN 46517. Tel: (516) 594-0300. Web: (2009).

The No331, No332, and No333 Dual Monaural Power Amplifiers derive in large part from the technological innovations contained within the No33. They deliver a significant portion of the excellence of the No33 in a more practical package that can be enjoyed by a wider range of music lovers. Like the No33 before them, the Mark Levinson 300-series Dual Monaural power amplifiers defy the accepted wisdom that it is impossible to design a large, powerful amplifier that also exhibits the finesse of the finest smaller amplifiers.

Design Overview
Power amplifiers are logically divided into two main functional areas: the power supply that provides a reservoir of clean,clear power for the instantaneous needs of the music; and the actual audio circuitry that uses that power to make music.Further, the audio circuitry is divided between the voltage gain circuits that literally amplify the signal (by increasing theincoming voltage by some predetermined multiplier) and the output stage which then must provide all of the currentneeded to support the amplified voltage as it is passed to the loudspeaker.
Mark Levinson power amplifiers address all three of these crucial functional areas (power supply, voltage gain, and output stage) with innovative solutions to the challenges presented by each.

Rated power output:
No333 300w/ch @8 ohms; 600w/ch @4 ohms; 1,200w/ch @2 ohms
No332 200w/ch @8 ohms; 400w/ch @4 ohms; 800w/ch @2 ohms
No331 100w/ch @8 ohms; 200w/ch @4 ohms; 400w/ch @2 ohms
all of the above power ratings measured from 20 Hz-20 kHz with no more than 0.5% THD

Frequency response: within 0.1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Signal to noise ratio (main outputs): better than -80 dB
Input impedance:100k (balanced)
50k (single-ended)
Voltage gain:26.8 dB
Input sensitivity (2.83V output): 130mV(all models)
Input sensitivity (full output): 2.25V for No333
1.80V for No332
1.30V for No331
Output impedance: less than 0.05 from 20-20,000 Hz
Damping factor: greater than 800, 20-20,000 Hz @ 8 ohms

Power consumption :
No333 350W (ฑ5%) at idle, 200W (ฑ5%) in standby
No332 325W (ฑ5%) at idle, 200W (ฑ5%) in standby
No331 260W (ฑ5%) at idle, 110W (ฑ5%) in standby
Mains voltage:
Determined by the needs of the country for which the unit was manufactured; cannot be reset by dealer or user

Overall Dimensions:
No333: 17.56″(44.6cm) W x 10.3″(26.16cm) H x 19.11″(48.54cm)D
No332: 17.56″(44.6cm) W x 10.3″(26.16cm) H x 19.11″(48.54cm)D
No331: 17.56″(44.6cm) W x 9.3″(23.66cm) H x 18.85″(47.88cm)D
Connector complement: ท four custom binding posts per channel
ท one 3-pin XLR balanced input connector per channel
ท one RCA input connector per channel
ท two 1ฆ8″ mini-jacks for remote turn-on
ท two Mark Levinson communications ports
ท one captive high current AC mains cord (No333 only)
ท one IEC-standard high current AC receptacle (No332, No331)