Kimber silver streak


Kimber Siver Streakinterconnect

มีอยู่ทั้งแบบ Balance (5 m.) และ single-end (1 m.) ขายทิ้งไปหมดแล้วครับ ตั้งแต่ได้ฟัง Home Grown Audio Silver Lace Kimber Silver Streak สู้ไม่ได้ในทุกด้านครับ

Silver Streak is a reference quality interconnect without the lofty price tag. It will deliver exacting audio performance and take you closer to that “being there” experience. Silver Streak incorporates many advanced KIMBER KABLE technologies. Proven tri-braid cable geometry, advanced metallurgy, VariStrand conductor grouping, and custom Teflon™ dielectrics, combine to deliver superior performance in a package that’s modestly priced.The heart of Silver Streak SE features a single AG VariStrand™ conductor, fabricated from hyper-pure silver. The ground plane and return are comprised of twin TCSS conductors with all Teflon™ dielectrics. UltraPlate™ RCA connectors feature precision machined craftsmanship for perfect fit and peak performance.The heart of the balanced Silver Streak features twin AG VariStrand™ conductors, fabricated with hyper-pure silver. The ground plane is comprised of a single TCSS conductor with all Teflon™ dielectric. Precision “studio grade” XLR connectors for perfect fit and peak perfomance. The Silver Streak (single ended) has a #19 AWG silver wire for the positive, or signal carrying conductor, and Two #19 AWG copper conductors as ground and return. In asingle ended cable and equipment, you have the signal being carried in the positive domain. The non signal carrying conductors are ground and also the negative return. Byusing a silver VariStrand wire as the signal carrying conductor, we are able to offer a reference quality cable for a reasonable price. The balanced Silver Streak has twin #19AWG silver wires for signal and a single TCSS copper wire as ground.

Kimber silver streak (unbalanced) pairs : 0.5M $119.95 1.0M $179.95 1.5M $239.95
Kimber silver streak (balanced) pairs : 0.5M $172.50 1.0M $285.00 1.5M $397.50