Kimber PBj


Kimber PBj interconnect

exhibits simple, elegant construction. This product really demonstrates the adage, “less is more”. A lean, mean, stripped-down interconnect that offers hotrod performance at Mo–ped prices. PBJ uses the same braid geometry as the esteemed KCAG and the new Silver Streak, but with VariStrand™ copper conductors. The connectors are in fact identical to those found on our most expensive interconnects. PBJ—real world performance in a “no frills” package, and like the other PBJ (Peanut Butter & Jelly) they taste best with milk.

Kimber PBJ (balanced and unbalanced) pairs :
0.5M $59.95 1.0M $68.00 1.5M $77.00 2.0M $86.00