DVDO iScan Duo


USD$ 1,299

Switching, Processing, Scaling & Calibration for Two HD Screens
Video projectors are great for movies and sports, but a regular TV is often also nearby for daytime/normal viewing. Two HD screens, each needing the same sources – cable/satellite box, Blu-ray, DVD player, game, etc. – how do you hook it all up? Duo elegantly enables easy selection of up to 15 video sources for either screen. Enjoy neat-looking connections and advanced HD video processing for superior image quality.

High Performance HD Video Processing
iScan Duo’s video processing removes “mosquito noise” and other annoying compression artifacts. Professional-quality de-interlacing and advanced cadence detection for movie watching at original frame rate, with interlace and “pull down” distortions removed. Get best image quality from analog devices too.

Enjoy Perfect Video on Two Different Screens
Video projectors often need a more compressed dynamic range than most LCD/plasma HDTVs. Separate brightness, contrast, scaling and other settings on DVDO Duo determine how each source appears on each screen. So you enjoy optimal performance from each on both your projection screen and your TV.

Just One Cable to Each Display
iScan DUO has 15 inputs, yet makes connecting to both your projector and HDTV neat and elegant. A single HDMI® cable to each display carries video and audio with perfect digital quality. Lets you locate all your equipment where it’s neatest.

Superior Scaling for Stable, Artifact-Free Images from All Sources
Your screens, each with a “native” resolution, are fed many other resolutions. Run-of-the-mill scaling sometimes found in projectors, TVs and AVRs can create artifacts (visual errors) and jitter. Duo’s professional reference-grade adjustable scaling means each source perfectly fills each screen (PCs too).

Professional Screen Calibration Tools
35 built-in video test patterns help adjust projector and HDTV for best possible picture quality. Easy-to-follow web videos explain how to do it yourself. Save money compared with having a technician make these adjustments.

Full Home Theater Compatibility and Audio Savings
iScan Duo connects easily to your AVR (Audio Video Receiver) via HDMI®, or to any stereo or surround system with optical digital audio. For new installs, save money by concentrating on audio when choosing a receiver. Duo also has onscreen source names (just like an AVR, but better!) IR In/Out, Serial Port automation, and two 12v Trigger Outs for sophisticated home theaters.

Video Inputs
8 HDMI 1.3 inputs
3 Composite inputs
1 S-Video input
2 Component inputs
1 VGA input

Audio Inputs
8 HDMI 1.3 inputs
2 Analog Audio inputs
1 Coax Digital Audio input
3 Optical Digital Audio inputs

Video Outputs

The iScan Duo has two HDMI video outputs capable of outputting:
YCbCr 4:2:2
YCbCr 4:4:4

Audio Outputs
1 HDMI 1.3 audio only output
1 Coaxial Digital audio output
1 Optical Digital audio output
It should be noted that both the Coaxial and the Optical audio out are active at the same time with whatever input is selected.

Misc. Connections
2 12-volt trigger ports
1 RS232 Serial Connection – interactive connection
1 Power Supply input
1 Mini USB Port – for software updates
IR Remote input and output jacks


The iScan Duo is loaded with features including:
10-bit Precision Deinterlacing™ of 480i/576i/1080i
10 bit Precision Video Scaling™ up to 1080p
PReP™, Progressive ReProcessing of 480p/576p/1080p
Mosquito Noise Reduction
Fine Detail Enhancement
Edge Enhancement
Precision A/V LipSync™
Progressive Cadence Detection™ of 480p/576p/720p/1080p
Rightrate™ High Performance Frame Rate Conversion