Boulder 850 Monoblock

850 Mono Power Amplifier:
USD$ 11,000

“The 850s consistently created a soundstage that wrapped around my ears and
dissolved the walls of my listening room. As I noted at one point in my audition,
‘the soundstage ate my speakers and then it ate my room.’”

When it was released, the introduction of the 850 Mono Amplifier was the
beginning of a new chapter in Boulder’s storied history: the first amplifier in
the 800 Series line of products from the company whose products have
captured and monitored the studio sessions of some of the most
successful and important music and film scores ever recorded.

At first, the 850 seems very different. Its appearance is simple and the
complete chassis is only one-half as wide as a traditional amplifier. This
uniquely small footprint lets it work ideally in places where conventionally
sized monoblocks won’t. Upon closer inspection, though, the 850 is most
certainly a Boulder. Its diminutive size belies a muscular powerhouse of an
amplifier: The 850 can provide 200 watts of continuous output into any
load for immense control during even the wildest musical swings. Play
something dynamic and you’ll hear this authority at work, providing the
kind of rhythmic response you get lost in with the energy of foot-tapping

Even more impressive, the 850 accomplishes this delivery of power while
maintaining refinement, delicacy and nuance. The very intent of the
performers is conveyed. Layer upon layer of the music’s information and
detail become apparent, even in recordings you’ve heard hundreds and
hundreds of times before.

Two massive wing nut-style binding posts guarantee tight, low impedance
contacts to connect your loudspeaker cables without the need for tools.
A complete array of protection circuits provides you with peace of mind.
Boulder Link and a 12V trigger for external control and communication
allow flexibility in complex custom installations. And finely finished chassis
panels display an unmatched level of build execution and elegance in a
solid, resonance controlled chassis. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean
that it’s missing any of the hallmarks that make Boulders superior: it’s
thoroughly complete and every aspect of its design has been thought

In this regard the 850 is indeed unique: the littlest Boulder is overflowing
with an abundance of power and technology, making it a huge
accomplishment from a small amplifier. Sometimes the best things in life
come in surprising packages.