Barco Cine 6

USD$ 18,895

BARCO presents the offspring of the Cine Range: The BARCO CINE 6
InfoComm Europe, Cologne, 8 – 10 November 1999. BARCO, a leading manufacturer of video and graphics display technology, has been developing high performance CRT projectors for home theater integration for a very long time. Today, BARCO continues its way into higher performance and advanced design in CRT projection presenting a new highly advanced projection system: The BARCO CINE 6. Specifically targeted at the home theater market, this projector offers a wide array of features, including high peak whites and absolute blacks, outstanding picture reproduction and the stylish design.
High Peak Whites and Excellent Black Levels

The BARCO CINE 6 comes with long life, high brightness 7″ electrostatic focus CRTs and liquid coupled lenses, which results in extremely high peak whites, excellent black levels and a deep, rich contrast (> 1000:1). Further, a built-in Line Doubler provides an outstanding flicker free picture reproduction and improves the sharpness and image quality, resulting in real cinema at home

Displaying Whatever Source

The BARCO CINE 6 features a wide range of inputs to display a all kinds of video sources, including DVD, laser disc, VHS, Betacam, antenna and satellite signals, etc. in either 4:3, 16:9 or widescreen aspect ratio format. Thanks to the horizontal scanning of 38 kHz, this projector is compatible with all computer data up to 800 x 600 pixels

An Advanced Design

Furthermore, BARCO has paid a lot of attention to the design of the BARCO CINE 6. Thanks to the modern, stylish design, this very attractive projection system can be integrated into a coffee table or hung from the ceiling. The BARCO CINE 6 comes standard in two colors: beige and silver gray, with blue details. The projection system, however, can optionally be delivered in whatever color the customers wants – adapted to the wallpaper, the loudspeakers, the coffee table or the couch. Further, this unit features a “no-fan design”. This results not only in a very silent projector (< 20 dB), but also enhances the lifetime of the unit, as it does not attract any smoke or dust. Advanced yet Extremely User-friendly Although this projector might seem to be very complex and difficult to handle, user-friendly on-screen menu displays and a backlit infrared remote control guide you through all settings: brightness, contrast, color, convergence and geometry. “Improved technical specifications in a stylish design make this BARCO CINE 6 the new reference product for demanding customers with a limited budget,” said Tom Vanthuyne, Product Manager of BARCO’s Home Theater Product Group.